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Welcome to Daily Renaissance

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Welcome to Daily Renaissance

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Welcome to Daily Renaissance

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Renaissance defined is a rebirth of vigorous intellectual and artistic activity. Historically, such activity led to significant advancements in both the arts and the sciences. During the Renaissance in Italy, the polymath Leon Battista Alberti said, “A man can do all things if he will.” People began to believe and promote the notion that human beings should develop their capacities—in all areas—to the fullest. The term for a person viewed as being successful in such an endeavor became “Uomo Universale” (universal man or Renaissance man).

Mark Swain has been called a Renaissance man since he was a young adult. In 2004, he created a professional development company and named it Daily Renaissance. The mission of Daily Renaissance is to encourage people to follow their hearts and live their unique lives fully. Mark derives a tremendous amount of joy from helping people discover, accept, develop, and shine their personal greatness brightly into the world—thus becoming the highest vision of themselves!

“Do you have any idea how great you really are? I do!”  -Mark Swain

Mark Swain

“If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away.” -Henry David Thoreau

Mark’s passion has always been in living life to the fullest—and empowering others to do the same! He has been called a Renaissance man/polymath because of his many and varied interests. In fact, during Mark’s first job after university, he was identified as the “most interesting employee” by his colleagues at AT&T, and a newspaper article was written detailing his many interests.

For the past 30 years, Mark has worked as a career/life coach, professional speaker, and workshop facilitator.

Mark has authored over 20 professional development programs. Some of his programs have been licensed to other organizations—including training companies—to use and market under their individual banners. He has also authored two books and hundreds of articles and customized speeches on a wide variety of subjects.

Major training companies (Day-Timer, Shipley Associates, Franklin Covey, Lee Hecht Harrison, etc.) have recruited Mark to teach their courses, deliver speeches, coach, and develop new courses.

Years ago, Mark was elected by his peers to serve a term as President of the Utah Chapter of the National Speakers Association. He was also an award-winning speaker with Toastmasters.

Mark has taught at, and presented for, major universities (Clemson University, George Mason University, University of Utah, etc.) on various subjects including writing, creativity and innovation, kaleidoscopes, interpersonal communication, art, and astronomy.

Through his company, Daily Renaissance, Mark offers life coaching, career coaching, resume services, and workshops and presentations on a wide variety of subjects

Mark's many interests...

"The way to know life is to love many things." -Vincent van Gogh

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What People Say About Mark

Mark is the best trainer I’ve seen in 20+ years of adult learning and training management.

-R. S.
Curriculum Manager, Microsoft Corporation

Mark, you not only transformed my job search skills, you also transformed my life. You are amazing!

-J. P.

The dynamic Mark creates in a room is purely magical! Into the fabric of
standard themes, he cleverly weaves compelling stories and anecdotes that
captivate his audiences...Mark continues to dazzle us with his talent and
skill! I would highly recommend him to any potential client because, in my
mind, he is a uniquely-talented individual who has no peers.

-C. L.
Director of Mgmt. Development, Fidelity Investments

Mark, I know a lot of talented people, but I do believe you are tops for excelling in so many things!

-C. H.

Thank you for the exceptional training which you provided...Your passion and expertise came through during all parts of the two-day course. You really have a gift and it came through loud and clear. As Amiel said, “To know how to suggest is the great art of teaching.” You suggested well sir.

-Rear Admiral A. L.
USN (ret)

Inspiring! I got more out of your one-day workshop than I got out of the multi-day Anthony Robbins workshop I just attended. A Saturday well spent. I know this is just the beginning, but I’m grateful to know that this is how true greatness began. Thank you so much! 

-L. A.
Mark, you lift others up—that is your gift.
-J. G.

Mark exudes an almost “healing” quality to “wounded presenters.” I actually
felt like someone picked me off the floor, washed my face, and said, “You can
do this—let’s try again!” Mark is almost...Wow! Just wow! 

-C. B.
Sales Manager, Honeywell Aerospace

Everyone I have talked to has said they enjoyed your presentation very
much, “The best we have ever had.” That goes for me as well, you exceeded
my expectations. If I had to use three words to describe what you TAUGHT
us, they would be: fantastic, powerful, and motivational.

-M. M.
VP, MedOne Capital

Mark, I know this is your job and you are paid to do it, but you go beyond that. You have given a piece of yourself to each of us. Thank you for your commitment to excellence. I've been more impressed with you than any other instructor I've ever had. Thank you for choosing this life path.

-W. B.
Manager, American Express

Mark, thank you for the incredible past two days. I have been a
trainer/presenter and have watched scores more. You are, without
any doubt, the best I have ever seen. Your style flowed so well. You
were factual and humorous, and you created an environment that
was very conducive to learning. Perhaps the best thing about you,
however, was your genuine interest in all of us.

-D. L.
Manager, Xfinity

How is it that after 19 years I still remember lessons from the keynote
address you delivered at Fidelity Investments--like Roger Bannister
running the first sub-four-minute mile, and many other dynamic and
applicable lessons that made me a life-long fan of Mark Swain? It's
because you made a difference in my life. Thank you for your continuing
love of learning and desire to share what you have learned with others.
I will be forever grateful for the opportunities I've had to learn from you.

-C. K.
Wealth Management Advisor, U.S. Bank

Excellent Class—better instructor. Mark’s ability to interact
with ALL the students while engaging and teaching is
amazing! I would go to any course he teaches.

-T. S.
Chief Cyberanalyst, ITT, rated Mark 10 out of 10

Thank you for the incredible presentation you gave to our
Department Managers Retreat last week. As you are aware,
it was received by the group with great enthusiasm...It was
obvious that you took the time to get to know who your
“customer” was and what we needed to understand.
It was a remarkable experience and, unlike similar
experiences, one I’ll not soon forget.

-M. J., RNC
Director, Davis Hospital & Medical Center

I have participated in many sales workshops over a 21-year span. This was
the most valuable information I have received. Furthermore, Mark was
extraordinary. He is an excellent communicator and extremely intelligent.

-D. K.
Sales Manager, rated Mark 10 out of 10

I enjoyed Mark’s use of art and history to demonstrate his points. He is a very talented teacher.

-M. R.
General Counsel, CNA, rated Mark 10 out of 10

I have a low tolerance for all-day classes, but Mark really made this one go quickly—great instructor.

-M. A.
SRI (Stanford Research Institute), rated Mark 10 out of 10

Mark’s delivery of the information was clear, concise, and interesting to
hear. I felt alert all the time—never day dreamed! Mark is an excellent
communicator and holds the attention of his audience very effectively.

-T. A.
Proposal Consultant, rated Mark 10 out of 10

Mark stopped to answer every question asked. He is dynamic and engaging.
He obviously loves his work, which makes learning from him easy.

-M. E.
TMS, rated Mark 10 out of 10

Mark, you are awesome! You are very intelligent, knowledgeable, and a
great communicator. I especially enjoyed the participation aspect and the
wonderful, practical examples of how to apply what is learned. Thank you.

-S. U.
Utah Peace Officers Training Academy, rated Mark 10 out of 10

Mark is a great motivator—and full of knowledge. He
made it easy for everyone to understand the material.

-S. B.
Graphic Designer, Shipley Associates, rated Mark 10 out of 10

Mark Swain is the best communicator I have ever seen.

-R. J.
Project Manager, Colonel, United States Army (ret)

This program reawakened a lot of thoughts and beliefs for me. It has inspired me to do more for myself and others.

-T. S.
Social Security Administration, rated Mark 5 out of 5

Mark, you are very skilled at facilitation—even giving us time to think about questions, helping us formulate our learning, and adapting the agenda to our needs. Congratulations and thanks.

-F. M., Ph.D.
Independent Consultant and Trainer, rated Mark 5 out of 5

Mr. Swain was very encouraging and non-
judgmental (writing is very personal). He
was also very clear and set a nice pace.

-M. W.
Biologist, BLM, rated Mark 10 out of 10

Wow, what a nice guy! Mark was very helpful
and answered all our questions.

-J. H.
Kratos, rated Mark 10 out of 10

Mark is thorough, interesting, and funny. Today’s workshop was very good.

-M. B.
Supervisor, Dean Foods, rated Mark 5 out of 5

Very well prepared with relative field experience. Flawless
presentation. Mark would be a national asset for any company.

-J. G.
Director of Operations, The Reger Group, rated Mark 10 out of 10

Mark is an excellent speaker and presenter!
He made the class feel comfortable in asking
questions and discussing concerns.
Mark is "Best of Breed!"

-J. K.
Frontier Systems, rated Mark 10 out of 10

Mark demonstrated the methods being taught. The presentation
was fast moving, to the point, and badly needed.

-C. M.
Dyno Nobel Inc., rated Mark 5 out of 5

Mark's knowledge of the subject, confident manner of presentation, humor,
and stories give him the ability to impart his knowledge to others.

-R. W.
The Commissionaires, Canada, rated Mark 10 out of 10

Mark Swain is amazing! He is now our facilitator of choice!

-D. H.
Training  Director

I was so moved by this workshop that it brought me to tears. I have never had a better instructor in my life than Mark. I will use everything he taught me.

-T. E.
State of Utah, rated Mark 10 out of 10

Fantastic presenter who is full of knowledge and ideas
to push the class to think. Delivery is excellent. Mark
keeps the audience involved and wanting more.

-M. H.
Manager, McNeil Technologies, rated Mark 10 out of 10

Where do your beautiful talents end?! You're an amazing human, Mr. Swain!!

-A. S.

I expect a job offer this week. Thanks for helping me find options. Your guidance has been spot on. You are the best!

H. T.

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