Create Your Own Business Coaching

“Mark, I thought you would laugh at my dream—you didn’t—you encouraged me.

Now I own my own restaurant! Thank you.”   -W. M.

Create Your Own Business Coaching services help clients:

*Understand and consider the facts—the pros/cons of starting a business.
*Demystify the mythology surrounding entrepreneurship.
*Honestly assess their personal knowledge, skills, finances, support system—and disposition.
*Explore various options for going into business.
*Consider different ways to structure a business.
*Formulate overall strategy (business plan).
*Set goals and objectives.
*Understand the importance of market research and analysis.
*Consider the pros and cons of various pricing models.
*Formulate a marketing plan.
*Understand the critical role of ongoing research and development (R&D).
*Select an appropriate organization and management structure.
*Understand the importance of a logical operations plan.
*Create a realistic time line.
*Understand and assess the different kinds of risk inherent in starting a business.
*See the importance of a solid financial plan.

Why work with Mark as an Entrepreneurial Coach?

Mark grew up in a family-business environment. His father worked for his father’s construction company. Mark worked as a sales representative for his uncle’s signage company in his early teens. He sold address markers door to door—and installed what he sold. Mark liked working for himself and “making his own way in the world.” Later, he worked in the family construction business. While attending university, Mark sold his artwork through a gallery and did graphic design work through his own company, Swain Graphics, to help pay for his schooling. 

A few years later, Mark started his own one-man-band business, Creative Keyboards, and operated it for a number of years—playing in various settings for different events.

After successful sales careers in telecommunications and healthcare, Mark was recruited into the professional development business by a person who had heard him speak. After a year, Mark decided to start his own professional development company, Mark Swain & Associates, Inc. His business lasted about seven years—until the dot-com bubble burst and companies cut back on outside trainers and consultants.

Mark then took a full-time job with Lee Hecht Harrison (LHH), where he became a Senior Career Consultant, Director of Training, and managed a satellite office. While at LHH, because of his entrepreneurial background, Mark was asked to develop a full-day workshop on entrepreneurship and teach it to displaced workers who were interested in starting their own businesses. His many workshops were regularly packed—and very well received!

In 2004, Mark started his current professional development company, Daily Renaissance, and offered workshops and coaching services. Mark also continued to sell his artwork through the years through Swain Graphics and then through Daily Renaissance. For many years, Lee Hecht Harrison continued to contract with Mark to teach his entrepreneurial workshops. During that time, hundreds of people attended Mark’s workshops, and some of them engaged him afterwards as a coach. Over the years, Mark has inspired and helped hundreds of people start their own businesses—a fact that brings him great joy!

Pricing and Logistics

Create your own business coaching services are $50 for a half hour and $100 for a full hour. Services are offered in person, over the phone, or via Zoom. Simply email Mark and tell him how you would like to meet, and give him your preferred day and time—and general availability. He will try to accommodate your preferences wherever possible—or work out another mutually-beneficial day and time. Mark is in the Mountain Time Zone, and his office hours (when he’s not traveling) are from 8 am to 5 pm. He is willing to work in the evening or on the weekend to accommodate clients when necessary. Once an appointment is set, Mark will send you a meeting confirmation, ask you what you’d like to discuss (if you know), and provide a link to pay him through PayPal.