Personal and Professional Coaching

To help you personally, or to help those in your organization, Daily Renaissance offers Professional Coaching in the following areas:

  • Career Planning/Job Search–including a resume writing service
  • Presentations Coaching–both creation and delivery
  • Executive Coaching for developing new managers and leaders
  • Conflict Mediation

If you are wondering what to do next with your life, Daily Renaissance can help. Mark has been a career coach and counselor for many yearsactually working as a Senior Career Consultant for the world’s largest outplacement company, Lee Hecht Harrison. In addition to the corporate work he does for them, Mark offers “retail” career/life planning and job search coaching for individuals through Daily Renaissance.

Has it been a while since you last wrote a resume? Do you want a “successful” resume that will get you interviews in the current marketplace? Daily Renaissance offers a resume-writing service, where Mark brings his years of teaching business, technical, and proposal writing together with his understanding of the job search process to create resumes that get interviews.

Do you have an important presentation to create and deliver–that just has to hit the mark? As a professional speaker, Mark enjoys coaching people in both the creation and delivery of important presentations. He is known for helping individuals discover and develop their natural delivery styles.

Does your organization have a manager that needs individual coaching to become better at managing relationships and communicating effectively? Daily Renaissance offers Executive Coaching services to help managers and leaders become more effective in working with people at all levels inside their organizations, as well as with their prospects and clients.

Daily Renaissance offers Conflict Mediation services for organizations that have identified relationship challenges between critical and valued members of their teams.

In terms of coaching style, Mark is often described as an astute listener. He is warm and engaging in conversation. At the same time, he is honest and direct with his insights and recommendations for improvement. This admirable combination of human-relations skills has endeared Mark to a multitude of coaching clients. One person complimented Mark on his remarkable ability to adapt to, and relate with, people from all walks of life by jokingly calling him a “Chameleon.”

Here’s how a few of Mark’s coaching clients described their experiences:

I want to thank you for giving me the permission to live the life I should have started 25 years ago. Your belief in me and my dream was so refreshing. I can hardly believe I’m finally doing what I’ve always wanted to do–and for more money than I ever dreamed! What you did for me will never be forgotten.
-Frank B.

Mark exudes an almost “healing” quality to “wounded presenters.” I actually felt like someone picked me off the floor, washed my face, and said, “You can do this—let’s try again!” Mark is almost…Wow! Just wow!  
-C.B. Sales Manager, Honeywell Aerospace

I didn’t believe you when you said I was an artist. But when I saw the result of your coaching staring up at me from my art paper, you made a believer out of me. Mark, you are truly amazing.
-Ann P.

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