Life Coaching

“Do you have any idea how great you really are? I do!”  -Mark Swain

Life Coaching services include helping clients:       

*Discover/rediscover their real, unique selves.
*Determine what they really value most in life.
*Decide what they most want out of life.
*Commit to live their unique lives fully.
*Chart a course forward—vision, mission, goals, action plans.
*Manage their mental landscapes for success and happiness.
*Become more effective communicators.
*Maintain commitment, motivation, and accountability as they pursue their dreams.

Why work with Mark Swain as a Life Coach?

People have sought insight and advice from Mark since he was a young man—for various reasons. He has lived a very full and interesting life. Mark did well in school and excelled in many areas (math, art, music, science, sports, etc.). He was offered an art scholarship after taking one art class in high school—as a senior. Many of his early interests turned into lifelong passions. Years later, a newspaper would call Mark “A Renaissance Man of Many Talents”—a title that has persisted throughout his life.

Mark learned to work hard at a young age—picking vegetables for local farmers. As a young teen, he sold address signage door to door—and installed the items he sold. When he was 16, Mark applied for a very limited number of jobs picking pineapples in Hawaii for the summer. Because of his previous experience working for local farmers, he was selected. It was during that summer that Mark snorkeled the reefs on his days off and fell in love with the underwater world.

In his late teens and early years at university, Mark worked as a carpenter—and later as a construction foreman—building both residential and commercial buildings. Later, he ran a graphics shop (design, illustration, photography, and offset printing).

Mark turned down an art scholarship, changed majors three times, and worked to put himself through university—regularly appearing on the Dean’s List.

After university, Mark worked in technical design and sales for AT&T, and was honored for “Your Exceptional Contribution to the Success of AT&T.” Later, he was a successful sales professional and was promoted to Director of Sales over four states in the healthcare arena, where he led his multi-state team to sales success.

Mark was recruited into the professional development arena by a man who had heard him speak. Subsequently, Mark started his own company and performed contract training, coaching, speaking, and program development for many notable companies (Day-Timer, Franklin Covey, Shipley Associates, etc.). Over the years, he developed expertise in many subjects including time/life management, business development, project management, and business/technical/proposal writing.

When the dot-com bubble burst, companies cut way back on contract work and Mark’s business failed. He went to work for Lee Hecht Harrison (LHH) and became a Senior Career Consultant and Director of Training. He was also asked to manage one of their offices. In 2004, Mark went back out on his own and created his current company, Daily Renaissance, LLC. He continued to do contract work for LHH for many years, and he won national acclaim for his creative, innovative, and fun workshops. Through his workshops and coaching efforts, Mark has helped thousands of people find compelling jobs, start their own businesses, and pursue their dreams.

Over the years, Mark has authored over 20 professional development programs on numerous subjects including creativity and innovation, sales and marketing, negotiation, interpersonal communication, presentation skills, change management, leadership, team building, and time/life management.

The topic of his most popular workshop is how to live your unique life fully. Originally titled “Exploring Your True Capacity for Excellence,” over the years it evolved into “How to Create and Enjoy an Extraordinary Life.” The newest iteration—incorporating a lifetime of reading, experience, and insights—is titled “Rediscover Yourself | Own Your Greatness | Follow Your Heart.” Through the years, the various iterations of this workshop have inspired thousands of people—from high school and college students to executives and managers in major organizations. Over that same time span, Mark has also been approached by many people asking him to be their “coach.” Sometimes, the relationships last for a visit or two as people gain clarity and move forward. Other times, people engage Mark on an ongoing basis to help them with direction, inspiration, motivation, and accountability as they pursue their dreams over time. Mark has worked with a number of notable people, including politicians and business leaders. He has also coached other coaches!

Along with the knowledge and wisdom gained from his many “successes” in life, Mark brings other perspectives to his life coaching work—those gained from the challenges he has faced during his life. For example, he has been downsized, turned down—and walked away from—six-figure jobs, experienced business failure, struggled with—and healed himself of—clinical depression and OCD, survived stage-three cancer, experienced major injuries, lost family and friends to untimely death, and had two friends commit suicide… Mark knows how challenging life can be at times, but he also knows how powerful the human spirit really is from personal experience—how we can rise above our adversities, achieve our dreams, and live our unique lives fully!

When once asked what the greatest compliment he had ever received was, Mark responded by sharing what one person who had worked with him over the years said, “Mark, you lift others up—that is your gift.” Mark went on to explain, “That is what brings me the most joy—that’s what I live for!”

Pricing and Logistics

Life coaching services are $50 for a half hour and $100 for a full hour. Services are offered in person, over the phone, or via Zoom. Simply email Mark and tell him how you would like to meet, and give him your preferred day and time—and general availability. He will try to accommodate your preferences wherever possible—or work out another mutually-beneficial day and time. Mark is in the Mountain Time Zone, and his office hours (when he’s not traveling) are from 8 am to 5 pm. He is willing to work in the evening or on the weekend to accommodate clients when necessary. Once an appointment is set, Mark will send you a meeting confirmation, ask you what you’d like to discuss (if you know), and provide a link to pay him through PayPal.