Presentations Coaching

“People with good presentation skills get better jobs, get promoted faster,
and often make more money than those who lack them.”  -Mark Swain

Presentations Coaching services include helping clients:       

*Define the purpose of a presentation.
*Set general and specific objectives.
*Perform a situation and an audience analysis.
*Generate informative and compelling content.
*Gather and create powerful supporting materials.
*Organize a presentation.
*Decide on a mode of delivery.
*Plan on how they will field comments and questions.
*Manage the audience dynamics.
*Arrange the venue for maximum impact.
*Deal with speaker anxiety.
*Practice a presentation.
*Decide how they will solicit constructive feedback.

Why work with Mark as a Presentations Coach?

Mark has enjoyed creating and delivering presentations on his many interests (passions) since he was a young man. In fact, while in his 20s and delivering a presentation on astronomy to students at the University of Utah, Mark met his future wife! “She was the pretty, young lady with all the good questions!” Mark exclaims.

One day while working at AT&T, a colleague invited Mark to attend his Toastmasters club. Mark didn’t know what Toastmasters was, but he agreed. When they arrived, Mark was informed that all attendees had to deliver a five-minute speech on the topic of their choice. Mark was surprised—but excited. The Toastmasters club awarded Mark the “Best Speaker” award that day! Mark’s colleague was blown away. Mark subsequently joined Toastmasters and went on to win every speaking contest he entered.

Because Mark was active in the community giving presentations on so many different subjects—for free—he was “noticed” by a gentleman who recruited him into the professional development business. Mark eventually started his own company, and he did contract work—creating and delivering workshops and presentations on numerous topics including presentation skills—for many notable companies (Day-Timer, Lee Hecht Harrison, Shipley Associates, Franklin Covey, etc.). Over the years, Mark has garnered both national and international acclaim for his work.

One of Mark’s most popular workshops over the years has been “Creating and Delivering Professional Presentations.” It was one of the early programs Mark authored.

Years ago, Mark was honored by his colleagues in the Utah chapter of the National Speakers Association by being elected to serve as President. He also taught at the chapter’s “Speakers School.”

Over the years, Mark has coached hundreds of people on presentation skills. His experience ranges from preparing government contractors to deliver oral presentations for multi-million-dollar contracts to helping prominent scientists announce their new discoveries to the world—and everything in between!

Mark says, “I love to help people discover their native abilities and develop those abilities to a high level. It is so rewarding to help a person develop their own, unique presentation style.”

Pricing and Logistics

Presentations coaching services are $50 for a half hour and $100 for a full hour. Services are offered in person, over the phone, or via Zoom. Simply email Mark and tell him how you would like to meet, and give him your preferred day and time—and general availability. He will try to accommodate your preferences wherever possible—or work out another mutually-beneficial day and time. Mark is in the Mountain Time Zone, and his office hours (when he’s not traveling) are from 8 am to 5 pm. He is willing to work in the evening or on the weekend to accommodate clients when necessary. Once an appointment is set, Mark will send you a meeting confirmation, ask you what you’d like to discuss (if you know), and provide a link to pay him through PayPal.