Strategic Business Consulting

Does your organization need outside expertise—or an outside perspective—to move forward and improve? If so, Daily Renaissance provides consulting services in the following areas:

  • Vision and Mission Statements, Guiding Values
  • Strategic planning
  • Management and labor surveys
  • Customer service
  • Customer surveys
  • Employee productivity
  • Internal and external communication

When selecting outside expertise to work with your team to strategically plan for the future, it’s important that you not only consider the consultant’s business background and expertise, but also the consultant’s personality and ability to connect with others.

As a consultant, Mark Swain has the ability and patience to get people thinking “outside the box.” Using a variety of creative tools, Mark is often able to tap the “brain capital” of quieter and less-assertive team members. Add to that, Mark’s vast business experience–across many industries–and you have a valuable strategic partner to help your organization strategize and plan.

How would your customers define “world-class” service? Mark can help you find out via focus groups and interviews. Using intelligence gleaned from that process, Mark can help organizations craft strategic business plans and define organizational visions/missions/guiding values that allow them to provide that “world-class” service and, in the process, set the bar for all would-be competitors.

Mark’s consulting work often identifies skill areas that need improvement. To address many of those needs, Mark has authored a variety of Professional Development Workshops for staff development (see Professional Development Workshops).

Here’s how two clients described the effectiveness of Mark’s Strategic Business Consulting:

I’ve been in the non-profit arts business for more than thirty years and have been a willing and sometimes unwilling consumer of pounds of newsprint and miles of magic-marker diagrams, outlines, and bullets. Without question, Mark is the very best consultant I’ve been involved with. I feel very fortunate to have him on our team.
-A. C., Executive Director, Bountiful/Davis Art Center

Mark did an excellent job keeping our group of over 20 board members excited about the task at hand during our two-day strategic-planning process. His great energy kept the group focused and on track, while his occasional humor and anecdotal stories kept the session light. We were very pleased with Mark’s work and plan to contract with him for future services.
-R. M., CEO, Red Cross

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